Is Omegle Safe?- Parents Beware! Do you know who your kids are chatting with?

by Andrea McDaniel

Is Omegle safeMy 16-year-old daughter brought Omegle to my attention a few months ago.

She spent the night with a friend of hers and this friend had the app on her cell phone and started randomly having conversations with strangers.

Omegle is used for talking to strangers with video chat.  Is Omegle safe? Are you okay with your kids talking to strangers?  I’m not, and I’m going to guess you probably aren’t either.

After all, it’s the exact opposite of everything we were taught not to do when we were little and the very thing that we, as parents, prohibit our children to do today.

So, is Omegle safe?

Immediately after my daughter mentioned the app, I did a lot of research on it.

I was highly alarmed that you don’t have to register for the app, nor do you have to identify yourself.

Chats are identified as “you” and “stranger”.

Red flags should definitely be going up now.

After more extensive research, I found YouTube videos of teens sharing their experiences of Omegle and talking about nude older men, girls taking their shirts off, being asked to meet up, expressing their thoughts and excitement on talking to strangers.

Some girls were concerned about their video chats being recorded. I researched a little more and found that the video chats and text chats could be recorded and shared on YouTube via free software that can be downloaded online.

More alarming is if your child is using a computer to access Omegle, their privacy policy clearly states that the following information is saved on their servers for 120 days: “the time your chat began, your IP address, a randomly-generated ID tag assigned to your computer, your chat partner’s IP address, and your chat partner’s randomly-generated ID tag.”  While this data is used for law enforcement and to try to track and prevent spammers, you are willingly providing this information when using Omegle.

There are two video chat modes, monitored and unmonitored.  When using video chat your IP address will be shared, as it’s required and it will be made available to the stranger your child is chatting with.

Below is a warning that pops up before entering an unmonitored video chat:










Upon ending a chat, users have the option to save their chat log and share the link.

Is Omegle safe?

Parents beware; get this Omegle blocked from your computer’s web browsers and off their phones.

More importantly discuss with your children why talking to strangers can be trouble.

Teaching them the right values is our top priority but filtering these bugs from our computers is a must to protect them.

More resources about Omegle and internet safety for parents:

FBI Parent guide to internet >

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A warning to parents >

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  • Haig Dickson

    I go on this site to preach the
    Gospel about sexual sin too people only lol only reason I do it is cause many on this site are going to hell and need gods love

  • scott

    i use this site and i have to say, the blooger whom posted this has it all wrong. the site is monitored by mods, even the so called ‘unmonitored’ section. children are completely safe as the stranger will never find out your IP address and further more, there is a skip button. it upsets me that people judge a site on what they have read on the internet. anyway the site is meant for people aged 13 and older, the same as FB and YouTube and if your children are going on to the video section and flashing their bits at people, well that is your responsibility to teach them how to behave on the internet. as for the blogger saying it is used for video chat, he is wrong. yes there is a video section, but the site also has a chat only section. so the question ‘is omegle safe’ the answer is, yes omegle is perfectly safe, if your child has common sense

  • Lola

    Alright alright parents listen up im going tell u something that contradicts pretty much all of this. im currently 21 and i remember using omegle when i was 17 im not like from the ghetto not that theres anything wrong with that but anyways i ws raised in a traditional household etc.. And omegle helped me so much i know crazy! i didnt flash anyone i didnt do anything weird on it at all I just skipped the junk videos and found people my own age and talked and related because most kids cant tell their parents things or get bullied if u think ur kid is trying to slut it up on it maybe u should be more concerned with u parenting or trust them more because its pretty much people looking to talk and vent the drama to people they arent going to meet up with. Its almost like confession and boosted my self esteem cause i had 0 and now i consider myself hot sauce and am conquering the world so please parents just listen to ur kid and ask them y! Cause sometimes they just want to be heard not judged

  • emile

    This site needs to be banned fucking hate it, I am 20 was Just on live chat after text chatting really just about my day and i saw a young girl maybe 8 giving head to an old man. Its sickened me and they just disconnected me leaving me feeling sick about that young girl. I want to vomit I seen that little girl with my own eyes and I cannot help her!!! I will never un see what happen and will ever use these types of sites again. Putrid!!! if my daughter was ever caught on these sites i would be so disappointed and feel like a failed parent.

  • Zoey •–•

    i am 10 and i use video chat. i once pulled down my pants for a guy and i feel bad :((

  • liana

    I don’t think its that bad i let my 16 year old on it and i my self have been on it is not a porn site.

  • Martin

    this is not a chat site, this is a porn site… they are showing pornography to children. why is it still working?,

  • ~KawaiiMaster12~

    I went on omegle a while ago.. I found a naked man.. My friend says its a sex chat, coud be true.. o.O btw Im 12.. And kawaii~ (I had to)

  • Anonymous

    I am 11 don’t do it I was tricked into showing my body on camera its not safe

    • AwesomeNowMore3rdPartyGames

      Ur dumb, why would u do this shit to a fucking old man?

  • Something Good

    Well, I’m an 11 years old girl and I use Omegle a lot.
    I use it to find people with similar interests even though many of them with my interests are like 19.
    I don’t use videochat unless I wanna troll Cx
    I usually tag things like “Programming” “Linux” “Coding” and such.
    I don’t think people on those tags are horny perverts.
    I don’t think parents should ban it, they should just help the kids set the interests and learn them how to act online.. Like for God’s sake?
    And maybe not allow them to use videochat?
    Trust your kids and they’ll trust you.
    I got one of my friends on Omegle(He’s probably some grown man, but who cares? I can still play video games with him)
    TL;DR : Stop being such scared parents and trust your kids or they’ll get some serious problems later in life…

    • Anonymous

      NOOO that’s worng parents please don’t I got suckered into bad things with a man I thought I trusted

    • Diego

      Oh so you know about linux?
      I’m 13 and I know about it to.

    • Liana

      good for you

    • SillyC

      So you are saying to trust your kid on anything? Even a porn site?

  • JustN

    Well it can be safe and you have a change to see naked people but that is the risk you taking and if you don’t want to see that then you can skip them but just be smart and don’t take your shirt or something off because all weird and horny boys or girls will film that so be carefull..

  • Ryan

    Horrible site was briefly on for a moment and was continually asked by young girls if I wanted to see pictures of them…… Absolutely disgusting site parents keep your kids off this site and and any adult stay far away as well

  • kamel mansouri


  • thenexusserver

    also omegle is also safe you make new friends im serious I made alots of new friends from omegle we can skype wait let me guess next your gonna make a blog about Is skype dangurous

    • Rae Gandy

      Just be careful. I was stupid and reckless. You have to be smart. Which sounds like you are. The big picture is small children shoukdnt be on this site sugar. Since random people pop up. Not everyone who uses this site have the purest of intentions. Thats really what this is about atleast for me from experience and as a mother

  • thenexusserver


    • Diva

      But you can’t even spell PARENTS. Plus you grammar is all wrong. You are not smart

      • John ike

        Wtf does grammar got to do with intelligence troll. This kid is expressing a point. Intelligence isn’t only based on spelling lady. It’s also based on the persons ideology ,reasoning etc. I think this kid is mature for his age. The fact that he’s very frank in his statement shows he’s got more potential then your wannabe grammar nazi self.

        Oh and Btw, were u put a period after the word,” parents,” is not necessary; a comma would make more sense. Then you didn’t place a period at the end of your sentence , plus the simple sentence that you wrote sounds just sloppy, so in actuality I believe you’re the one who isn’t smart….FYI:)….I just wrote this post quickly and it sounds a lot more fluent and precise then your barely understandable and unclear sentence. Cheers!

      • Cranycane Dimples

        the conversation isn’t about grammar and just because you don’t understand dosen’t mean your’e not oh wait i think you’re not smart AND I’M ELEVEN GOSH

  • RM

    I just heard my 13 year old son was using this site. I went on to investigate and within 2 CLICKS I was seeing topless and masturbating girls on my screen! 2 Clicks! On the page with the adult content playing there were “verify user” buttons to go further, which I did not click because I have seen enough! If I am already seeing that what is there to go further for?! I have spoke internet safety for years with him, along with role playing different scenarios with him on how a predator manipulates and grooms their victims online and how easy it is. Made it clear he and all his peers are targets of those people and they are actively searching out children/adolescents all day everyday! I believe there should be better red tape to go through to gain access to images and videos like that, Like a credit card. Its more difficult for a child to hide cc charges on a parents account. The more blocks the better. It should not be so easy. Parental control software wouldn’t work for me, my son is already coding and scripting. He builds websites and and does graphic design quite well, his knowledge has grown so far with that stuff I have had conversations on proper ways to use that knowledge as to not become a hacker and violate laws. I don’t think he is that advanced yet, but he is only 13 and those skills will only get better. I am breathless thinking he has entered that world. Disappointing.

    • Rae Gandy

      Im appauled at this site. As for the ten year old who posted ten year old is always monitored. I can see where he has been. Im sorry you had to find out what your 13 yr old was seeing. I started looking at youtube videos on this site and there are kids lying in bed boys etc. Kids cant ever see what parents are afraid of and what could happen. I know. But because my mother never monitored me I was victimized in the highest form. I wish they could see what we already know because ive sat in both places. Im scared for our kids. I thought everything was no big deal. Id go online talk to whomever give out random information. Got stalked. Lets just say everything you’re not supposed to do I did and paid the price. Big price

    • Alcest

      If he’s 13, he’s already watched porn and masturbated. This is pretty normal for teenage boys. Anyways Omegle matches you up with a random stranger. The chance of getting a naked girl is pretty low. There’s no connection between Omegle and hacking (or graphic design and hacking).

      • jon

        i am 11 and i us omegle i saw a buch of young kids using it too

  • RV

    I tried to block Omegle but wasn’t able to. The website is on my blocked list, but I am able to access the site. I contacted Apple and they are researching it. It is a “ghost”–doesn’t even appear in the log in the parental controls on the mac. BEWARE!!!

    • Rae Gandy

      Thats not good

  • QurAt UL Ain Anne

    how to go in moderated chat ?

  • Katethewitch

    Wow I had no idea about this stuff

  • j

    whay if I gave my age,sex and where do I live without my name can anything be done with thay information? please help me I am totally scared

    • Emily Nguyen

      Probably not. Unless you live in a really tiny town (like only a few hundred people), it wouldn’t be worth the effort to track down every single person of your age and gender.

  • Geoff

    Fact of the matter is, you SHOULD, as a parent, be worried about sites like omegle, chatroullette and others like them. The videos from these sites end up on porn sites, and you can be 99 percent guaranteed that video captures are being made. I had heard a couple of teenaged girls in a restaurant talking about being on omegle, stripping and doing other things on camera. Another site is Stickam. Why any of you parents would allow your kids to talk to strangers on any of these sites is beyond baffling.

    Check the sites out for yourselves if you don’t believe me…and tell me I’m not correct.

  • raul emerald

    Although its not safe,but the children have to learn the ways of life anyways.We all know that they have watched porn before.there is nothing to fear i guess

    • Ota kun

      You sound stupid.
      Don’t reproduce.

  • Tina

    I was with my friend and we video chatted. NO notification or warning told us that they shared our IP address. Nor did we receive an IP address from the stranger.

  • Random Person

    Honestly, I believe that Omegle is safe, and it shouldn’t be 13+ (or 18+, for that matter.). Since as you’ve stated hence they have moderation, and can view chats from 120 days ago. Therefore, assumingly within the time thereof to 30 days, they’ll be able to check the chat log, and IP ban the pedo / nood people. Maybe they won’t get it every time, but trust me, they will. It should be for 9+, and that might seem preposterous at first. I’ve already assumed 90% of you would think that, but I suppose I’ll tell you why:

    First, and foremost they moderate.. ahem.. over-moderate things, so anyone saying anything “bad” will get banned within 30 days, if not, then they’re just extremely lucky.

    Second of all, You’re held liable for your actions, and that would imply that you’re the one responsible for you giving your personal information. Likely, a child under the age of 10 wouldn’t give their information.

    Third of all, There are actually good people out there. Despite all of the bad people, 90% of them are good. Perhaps to you over-protective parents out there, you should get some kind of moderation software. I’m not linking one, but there’s bound to be one out there.

    What I’m saying is, is that you guys are overlooking the bad aspects, and you’re not even considering the good ones. Yes, they might have “inappropriate people”, but seriously eradicating that program from kids / teens is just… terrible. And, I’m eleven years old myself, and I honestly feel that this world has gone too far in safety measures. So, please, if you disagree feel free to tell me in those comments below :) I take no offense whatsoever, and take things into consideration.

    Thanks for reading, you’re the best! :)

    • anonymous

      You sir/madam are a intellectual 11 year old, and you are going places

      • Anonymous

        Use ‘an’ instead of ‘a’, as the letter ‘i’ is a vowel.

    • NotSoRandomNow3573

      about 80% of the people on omegle are sick and immoral when it comes to suicidal or depressed children, according in an “experiment” i did with 1000 trials.

      • sfsd

        holy shmokes– my grammar is off

  • Anonymous

    Omegle is safe but you should be careful when they start asking personal information. If there is something you are not comfortable with you can always leave the conversation. You can also watch your kids while they are on omegle and tell them to leave if there is something a bit sketchy.

  • jace

    21 guy. Growing up not being told of the effects of pornograpby and social isolation and the internet. I have asked girls to see their “tits” or “pusey” on Omegle and feel like absolute CRAP. It wasn’t until after that I found out the real consequences to my conscience and it has eaten away at me since. I didn’t do it just to record I did it to have fun. It’s not and Im really disgusted in myself that I used it for that.

  • Jessica

    Get the website of the internet it is disgusting to here that my 12 year old sister was told to go on there by her 12 year old friend because it was funny, to then see men nude touching themselves asking them to show inappropriate parts of their bodies! The site doesn’t even recommended to put in forms of I.D so that it is not allowed use of anyone under 18, this site has never been permitted in our house and has only ever been on the history when the friend stayed, but then again how does the friend know of the site.. The website ‘omegle’ and similar sites should either be banned or changed to keep children safe from the disgusting men on the internet. Computers are banned in our house now until something is done or with adult supervision.
    It is sickening to know that the site allows this to happen, my family and I are taking this very serious and are taking this further.

  • anonymous :)

    I don’t think it’s safe. People ask for “asl” age, sex, location. They ask for phone numbers and addresses, age, location, gender and usernames for other sites.
    My friend had used it and she told me about it. I did some research, seeing things like this telling it wasn’t safe. I still checked it out, leaving quickly after being asked for more personal info. They ask for your “Kik” account usernames too. “KIk” is a app which allows you to text for free. Instead of numbers, you use usernames. People can be easily blocked on Kik, restricting them from talking to you. On an NBC-2 NBC-2report, they said Kik was a video chatting app, which is incorrect. I think Kik is an okay app, but if your kid has one, periodically check through it. Check block list (how many people blocked, are they teenagers, ex. My friend has a few people on her block list, all teenage males.). It’s too easy for people to act like younger people. I’ve heard other people’s experiences, Pedophiles saying they’re a teenager. My time on Omegle wasn’t good, who says your kid will have a safer time? Truth is, it won’t happen.

  • Randi Eccleston

    Thank you for getting the word out about this. It’s a scary world that we live in.